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By the Hand Moving Everest


By The Hand Club for Kids – Chicago, Illinois

  • Grant Program: GrantsPlus
  • Amount of Grant: $50,000
  • Dates of Grant Term: July 2017 – July 2019

By The Hand Moving Everest (BTH-ME) is a school/after-school partnership designed to provide greater comprehensive care for children to succeed in academics and in life. BTH-ME serves kindergarten through second grade students in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood, and plans to add one grade level each school year. Students who come to By The Hand are behind in school and struggling with basic math and reading skills. When children fall behind in reading, they have trouble learning in other subjects. Children who cannot read by third grade are eight times more likely to drop out of school; in turn, children who drop out of school are eight times more likely to go to prison. BTH addresses this and other barriers to learning through its wrap-around services, including literacy support, mentorship, medical and mental health care, and opportunities for students to explore their gifts and talents.

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