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Cross-Age Peer Mentoring Program


Kidz Express – Chicago, Ill.

  • Grant Program: GrantsPlus
  • Amount of Grant: $50,000
  • Dates of Grant Term: January 2017 – January 2020

Kidz Express Cross-Age Peer mentoring program goals include increasing academic achievement, enrollment in post high school education, rates of mainstream employment, and career readiness among its mentors. The program builds strong relationships between an older youth, usually a high school or college student, and younger children. Cross-age peer mentors are strong role models for younger participants, demonstrating that challenges and difficulties of their urban environment can be overcome. The program hires mentors from the same neighborhood as the participants who have successfully overcome many of the same issues and challenges the participants face.


Kidz Express Leader Marco Dodd Prepares for Future

Marco Dodd, 27, didn’t spend summer 2019 like a typical college student: no flashy internship, no lost days at the beach. But then again, Marco Dodd isn’t your typical college student. The 2018 Bright Promises Foundation “Marciniak Bright Stars Award” winner is a cut above, a success story from Chicago’s South Austin neighborhood with a heart for kids in his community. Read more

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