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Sowing Seeds – Youth Savings Initiative


Memorial Community Development Corporation – Evansville, Indiana

  • Emerging Leader: Rasheedah Ajibade
  • Grant Program: Emerging Leader
  • Amount of Grant: $10,000
  • Dates of Grant Term: April 2018 – April 2020

Leader Summary:
Rasheedah Ajibade joined Memorial Community Development Corporation in 2010 as a childcare director and in 2013 she took on the added responsibility of serving as the program director. While challenging, the additional responsibilities allow her to work on special projects, think strategically, and develop new ideas. Under her leadership, the childcare center has grown from serving 5 children to over 140 children today. Ajibade earned a bachelor of arts degree in business administration with a concentration in finance, and a master’s degree in public service administration.

Project Summary:
Sowing Seeds – Youth Savings Initiative is a program to employ youth and teach them basic money management skills. Each year, Memorial Community Development Corporation hires 70-85 youth during the summer as part of the Youth Employment and Garden Market programs. As the youth learn job skills, they also learn important financial literacy that they can take with them into adulthood. By creating a community Federal Credit Union, the objectives of this program will be to:

1. Provide youth with financial literacy education that teaches the basics of money, banking, and saving;
2. Increase savings for account holders using a variety of incentives;
3. Develop a banking relationship with youth and their families;
4. Introduce youth to banking careers.


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