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Campaigns: Creative Short- and Long-Term Strategies


As an organization seeks to expand, many fundraising professionals face the challenge of maintaining a strong annual fund while seeking out new sources of revenue. This can be especially challenging for organizations with limited fundraising resources. In this webinar, presenter Wilonda Cannon will demonstrate how nonprofits can creatively expand their programs through successful fundraising campaigns for growth. This includes exploring solutions for maintaining annual revenue while expanding campaign fundraising.

What you will learn:

  • How to properly assess the feasibility of a campaign and align messaging with expansion priorities
  • How to leverage external voices, partners, and creative strategies to implement the campaign
  • How to develop a team and internal structures for funding growth
  • How to use innovative techniques to secure an annual fund and build a model that will meet short- and long-term goals for growth


Wilonda Cannon is the Senior Director of Development at Breakthrough Urban Ministries, Chicago, Ill. During her five years in this role, she has grown Breakthrough’s annual revenue by over 60% through cultivating a diverse donor base, spearheading their most recent campaign, and ensuring a culture of philanthropy throughout the organization. She also developed and mentored a team of fundraising professionals who are paving the way to ensure that Breakthrough is no longer the “best kept secret” on the west side of Chicago. Cannon is an award-winning public speaker and influential leader in nonprofit fundraising, as she provides guidance and expertise to organizations that are managing campaigns alongside annual funds using cutting-edge practices. Before Breakthrough, Cannon served as a civil engineer in the Air National Guard. She graduated from the Joseph Business School and led the fund development and strategic initiatives for Project Eden and the Joseph Business School, Forest Park, Ill., which focuses on creating sustainable economic and social opportunities for entrepreneurs throughout the Chicagoland area and Haiti. State Farm named her 2010’s Phenomenal Woman of the Year for her work with Project Eden.



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