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Past Webinars

Next Level Listening to Achieve Real Community Transformation

You probably think you’re a pretty good listener, don’t you? Most of us do. Not in the psychiatric sort of way, but in regular contact with neighbors and peers.

Grant Writing for the Intermediate and the Advanced

Many of you have already written a successful grant proposal. This webinar will go beyond the standard components of a good proposal and arm you with knowledge on more nuanced and complex topics.

Individual Giving: Asking major donors to invest in your impact

Individuals give 76% of all philanthropic dollars. This is the largest piece of the benevolence pie but oftentimes can feel like the hardest dollars to find.

Fundraising Events: growing relationships and donations

Fundraising events are a wonderful opportunity to introduce new donors to your organization and to cultivate deeper relationships with current donors.

Fearless Fundraising with your Board

It is not enough to simply know how to ask. It is crucial that you have the right team equipped with the right information and support. Board members can be highly effective at engaging in fundraising if we remove the misconceptions around “what does it mean” and how it is unlikely we will ever see a ceiling to what can be raised!

Maximizing Online Donations

While overall fundraising in the United States saw a less than 2% growth, online giving surged another 10-20% in both 2015 and 2016 and email fundraising increased by 25%.

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