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Crowdfunding, the process of raising funding through an online campaign, is a valuable tool for not only raising money, but building a strong network of support. We Raise Foundation offers current GrantsPlus grantees an incentivized, coached crowdfunding experience they may access during their grant term.


Grantees will be lead through the preparation of a crowdfunding campaign, resulting in a campaign built for them by We Raise Foundation staff. This hands-on facilitation will include the guided completion of campaign materials, marketing plan, and fundraising plan.

Financial Incentive

To maximize the effort put into the crowdfunding process, We Raise Foundation provides a financial incentive to motivate both the project leaders as well as their support network. The more an organization raises, the more incentive they’ll receive from We Raise Foundation! This financial incentive is provided in addition to the funding received through their We Raise Foundation grant.

Organization’s Fundraising Goal

$20,000 – $34,999

$35,000 – $49,999

$50,000 +

Financial Incentive




Getting Started

If you are a current GrantsPlus grantee and would like more information on how to get started with the We Raise crowdfunding program, download our one-page crowdfunding summary.

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Crowdfunding FAQ’s

When will the donations be processed?

Individual donations will be processed immediately. Once the project is closed, all donations (minus processing fees) will be compiled, along with the financial incentive from We Raise Foundation, and sent to the project as a grant payment.

Does We Raise Foundation take a cut of the donations?

No. We Raise Foundation does not take any portion of the donations made to our grantee’s crowdfunding campaigns.

Are there fees associated with a crowdfunding campaign? How much are they?

Yes. Donations made to the crowdfunding campaign will incur a fee of 5.2% which is made up of a platform fee and a credit card processing fee. Donors can choose to cover the fee for their donation, so that their full gift amount is received by the organization.
For example, if a donor gives $20 to a campaign, they will be asked if they want to add an additional $1.04 to their donation so that the organization will receive the full $20 donation.

Can I change my project description after it’s launched?

Although you can make edits to your project description, we ask that you do not make any major changes. To avoid confusion and ensure transparency to donors, the project shouldn’t change after donors have started giving. However, if you have updates to share with your donors, we encourage you do so by using the Update features.

Can I change my funding goal after my project has launched?

Technically, yes. However, a funding goal is a strategic choice, not something that should flex and change. To avoid confusion, we discourage changing your goal after your campaign launches. We also want to avoid the temptation to set a lower goal that might come from knowing you could update it later.

We understand that some campaigns raise more funds than anticipated, in which case project leaders may want to increase their funding goal. Before any major edits are made, leaders should consult with the crowdfunding coach to determine best next steps.

May I contribute to my own campaign?

Project leaders and team members are welcome (and encouraged!) to contribute to their own campaign as individuals. However, the organization hosting the project, who will also ultimately be receiving the funds, may not contribute to its own crowdfunding campaign. For example, a donation cannot be made using a company credit card from the organization.

Can offline donations to my project (such as checks and cash) be counted towards the project funding total?

Offline donations can be manually added by the project leader, which will be added to the total raised shown on the project page. However, only donations processed through We Raise Foundation will count toward the financial incentive.

What information will I receive about my supporters?

You will receive the following information on your supporters:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Amount Donated

This information about your supporters is available on your campaign’s report tab.

Will We Raise solicit my donors?

No. We Raise will not solicit your donors in the future, unless they are existing We Raise Foundation donors or express interest in receiving follow-up communication from We Raise.