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Past Webinars

Campaigns: Creative Short- and Long-Term Strategies

As an organization seeks to expand, many fundraising professionals face the challenge of maintaining a strong annual fund while seeking out new sources of revenue. This can be especially challenging for organizations with limited fundraising resources.

Fundraising in Communities of Color

Our current fundraising climate is changing, becoming more diverse and differently positioned from established donors and donor engagement strategies. This webinar will provide tools for examining current and emerging trends influencing fundraising in communities of color.

Three Strategies for Building the Strongest Annual Fund

The annual fund is the foundation for all fundraising. It includes all organizational constituencies and planning is key. This webinar is designed for organizations that are just getting started or those that want to strengthen their annual fund.

Finding and Securing Your Biggest Gift — EVER

The impact of receiving your organization’s largest gift in its history is transformational. It would allow your program to impact the lives of more people, change the way donors view your organization, and raise the expectations of top organizational leadership.

Fundraising: How Small Nonprofits Can Raise Big

Today’s fundraising professionals find themselves in the messy predicament of being in one of the sector’s most critical yet least understood roles. This can be especially difficult for those in smaller nonprofits with limited staff and resources.

Crowdfunding 101: How to Plan a Successful Campaign

Crowdfunding is a significant movement in fundraising – donation and reward-based projects alone brought in $5.5 billion dollars in 2015, and it’s only gone up from there.

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