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Past Webinars

Preparing for Success: Solicitation Strategies to Get the Gift in the Door

You’ve accomplished what is often the most challenging task – scheduling the visit! Now what? It’s time to prepare. The best and most successful fundraisers are armed with a strong case for why a donor should give.

What Grant Writers Need to Know about Finance and Program Evaluation

Grant writers must be able to write eloquently and persuasively about their organization’s mission and programs. But they also have to know finance and program evaluation, too …

Grant Writing: Skills for the Advanced

Have you ever been stumped by a question on a grant application or had difficulty creating a relationship with the program officer? This webinar will present practical tips for addressing these topics …

Campaigns: Creative Short- and Long-Term Strategies

As an organization seeks to expand, many fundraising professionals face the challenge of maintaining a strong annual fund while seeking out new sources of revenue.

Fundraising in Communities of Color

Our current fundraising climate is changing, becoming more diverse and differently positioned from established donors and donor engagement strategies. This webinar will provide tools for examining current and emerging trends influencing fundraising in communities of color.

Three Strategies for Building the Strongest Annual Fund

The annual fund is the foundation for all fundraising. It includes all organizational constituencies and planning is key. This webinar is designed for organizations that are just getting started or those that want to …

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