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Past Webinars

Powerful Proposals:

How to Craft and Deliver Proposals to Engage Donors. What is appropriate – and expected – when asking for a major gift? Explore the strategies behind developing a highly successful donor proposal and why this is an important element to a major gift request.

The Accidental Fundraiser

You joined a nonprofit board of directors because you believed in the organization’s cause, but now they want you to FUNDRAISE! Yikes! Since you’re going to have to help with fundraising, let’s make it fun!

Creating a Development Plan

It can be so easy to get focused on doing the important work of your organizational mission and inadvertently miss important steps around planning for the overall sustainability. The development plan isn’t a “nice-to-have,” it’s a “must-have!”

Five Must-Haves for Your Funder Site Visit

Writing and submitting a grant proposal is only the beginning. Making an impression on a foundation program officer is often the last step to secure your funding.

50 Ways to Love Your Donors

Hop on the donor love bus, Gus! Make a new direct response plan, Stan! Donor love is more than just an idea. It’s a way of approaching all your fundraising work. In this practical and fun webinar, presenter John Lepp will share more than 50 tips on how to infuse your direct response appeals with donor love.

Transforming Your Board into a Fundraising Force

Mobilizing your board of directors to maximize revenue generation is a major goal for staff and board leadership.

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