Eligibility Information - We Raise Foundation

Eligibility Information

We Fund:

•Christian nonprofits within the United States and serving people in the United States
•Organizations serving people at the intersection of poverty, violence and inequality
•Organizations serving predominantly people of color
•Programs that are 3 years or younger or ones that have significantly expanded or entirely revised
•Programs that propose a new and innovative approach
•Capital expenses essential to new programming

We Do Not Fund:

•Programs in existence over 3 years, unless invited to apply
•Fundraising campaigns
•Event sponsorship
•Funding to an individual (i.e. scholarships)
•Planning grants
•Advocacy and public policy focused work

Organizations or congregations may submit only one proposal or letter of inquiry during a grant cycle. Incomplete proposals may be eliminated from consideration for grant funding. Where any specific grant program’s eligibility requirements conflict with these general rules, the specific program’s requirements takes priority.

We Raise’s grants are primarily programmatic in nature, but we understand to effectively run a new program, covering these expenses below are often essential and welcomed:

Typically Included in Grants Proposals
Capacity Building Salary
Contracted Services
Overhead Rent
Programmatic Supplies

Grant Proposal Review Process

Reviewing the potential of new programs is challenging and, for most programs, very competitive. During the past year, we were able to award funding to:
12% of the total GrantsPlus proposals received
40% of the total Emerging Leader Grant proposals received.

Here Are The Steps In Our Review Process:

Application Deadline/ Required Materials

Each grant program has a specific application process and deadline. Please consult the grant program page for those details. Incomplete proposals may be eliminated from consideration for grant funding.

Staff/ Committee Review

After the letters of inquiry and proposals are received, We Raise Program staff conducts an initial review of them. For certain grant programs, a committee of leaders, We Raise supporters and experts will be invited to make recommendations to assist the staff decisions.

Final Decision

The final decisions on grant awards are made by the We Raise president, based on the recommendations by the Program Staff.

We work hand in hand with Christian nonprofits to end poverty, violence and inequality in our communities. Take action today and raise up those in need.