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financial information

We Raise Foundation staff are the professional oversight to ensure your gift is invested in sustainable programs. We also have accountability measures in place to manage your gift with integrity. An annual audit, conducted by a respected auditing firm, ensures that all financial and operational processes are held to the highest standards.


Sources of Income and Expenses

We Raise Foundation is the recipient of charitable gifts primarily from individuals, and secondarily from organizations, schools, and churches. As a relational grant maker, we value the relationships with our donors and grantees. We work diligently to advise our donors on the best strategy for investing their annual and planned gifts in the mission of We Raise Foundation.

In addition to contributory revenues, a portion of the organization’s income derives from earnings it receives on invested funds. These funds are largely the result of the resources received from the sale of the Wheat Ridge Tuberculosis Sanatorium over 50 years ago.

We are proud to carry the Better Business Bureau seal indicating that we meet all 20 of their charity standards.

Watch President Paul Miles’ Interview with the BBB Wise Giving Alliance:

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Program Expense is comprised of: Grants and Projects ($797,759)

Program Education ($856,676), and Program Support ($528,714)

Total Net Assets at 6/30/18 were $11,703,833.

We Raise Foundation does not accept any government funding.