What We Do - We Raise Foundation



Driven by the belief that freedom is grace in action, We Raise Foundation believes we can transform communities by working with Christian non-profits to promote education, workforce development, and criminal justice.

We Raise offers two grant programs – GrantsPlus Grants, our larger, more competitive program, and Emerging Leader Grants, which are an investment in the development of leaders between the ages of 20-35 at Christian organizations, and their programs

We Raise is set apart in our commitment to provide capacity building support to our grantees alongside the financial award. Capacity building is an investment in the effectiveness and future sustainability of an organization.

We Raise annually presents its Leadership Award, which is given to an emerging leader who is interrupting the cycles of poverty, violence and inequality in their community.

One of the ways We Raise provides capacity building educational support to grantee partners and other nonprofit professionals is by providing regular skill building webinars led by expert practitioners.

We Raise hosts topical, interactive conversations with practitioners, researchers, and experts on the issues of poverty, violence, and inequality via Facebook Live.

Join the We Raise board and staff as we seek to educate ourselves about the issues of poverty, violence, and inequality through a variety of articles and books.

Our programs are funded through the support of donors like you! Together we are investing in our communities to end poverty, violence, and inequality.