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GrantsPlus is We Raise Foundation’s largest and most competitive grant program, partnering with Christian organizations in Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Oakland/San Francisco that work at the intersection of poverty, violence, and inequality. These grants are particularly focused on education, workforce development, or criminal justice, and provide a total of $100,000 over a three-year term.

We Raise Foundation continues to serve primarily as a first investor for programs or organizations that are three years or younger, while also making invitation-only investments in existing programs or organizations that have proven to be highly effective in their field. Letters of inquiry are accepted twice a year.

The intersection of poverty, violence, and inequality represents the critical obstacle to forming healthy communities and we believe organizations working through education, workforce development, and criminal justice, provide the most intuitive pathways to solutions.

Our Three Funding Priorities

These funding priorities, along with a focus on particular geographic communities, enable We Raise Foundation to build deeper connections and relationships with our grantees, their communities, and the individuals and families they serve. These are key eligibility requirements for GrantsPlus in addition to our overall eligibility.


We believe equity in quality educational experience provides the greatest opportunity for stability and success. Preparation for a post-secondary learning experience is a cornerstone to breaking the cycle of poverty, violence, and inequality.

Target Population: We Raise Foundation has a preference for programs working with children in Kindergarten through 8th grade.


We believe a robust and qualified workforce is central to healthy individuals, families, and communities. We believe increasing employment opportunities remains central to breaking the cycle of poverty and crime and restoring social harmony.

Target Population: We Raise Foundation has a preference for programs serving adults who desire the education, skills, and training required to acquire living-wage jobs that support themselves and their families. We Raise Foundation also has a preference for building economic opportunity within geographic communities affected by poverty, violence, and inequality.


We believe inequality in the application of justice perpetuates violence and poverty. We also believe prisoners and ex-offenders offered support and training upon re-entry will more likely become integrated, contributing members of society.

Target Population: We Raise Foundation has a preference for programs offering legal services to individuals that would otherwise not be able to afford representation. Alongside this, we have a preference for programs serving prisoners and ex-offenders that help them re-integrate into society and put them on a path to success.

What Does A GrantsPlus Grantee Receive?

How To Apply

  • Before submitting a full proposal a letter of inquiry is required
  • Letters of inquiry and proposals can only be submitted via the online form by clicking the Apply Now button below
  • Upon clicking the Apply Now button, a list of questions can be downloaded for your planning and preparation purposes
  • Review projects that have been previously funded in our Grants Directory
  • Review the GrantsPlus Schedule below for upcoming deadlines

We Raise Foundation Theory of Change

We Raise Foundation’s Theory of Change, in conjunction with the mission, vision, and goals for our program, provides a clear statement of what we hope to achieve and how our programs, particularly our grant making, will achieve this vision.

A Theory of Change is the process of showing the steps that link program interventions with the big picture goal to be achieved. Ideally, it should show the impact of a program over time. While We Raise Foundation believes we contribute to a vision of people free from poverty, violence, and inequality, we see our primary role as partnering with and supporting Christian organizations and emerging leaders to develop sustainable programs that help people thrive through grant making, leadership development, and assistance with resource development.

Additional Information

Questions on how to develop a proposal should be directed to the Programs staff at .

Once submitted, letters of inquiry are reviewed by We Raise Programs staff. A select number of applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal. Programs staff and a review committee will review those proposals and a recommendation will be given to the president. Grant awards are announced according to the schedule below:

Grant Location
Chicago and St. Louis

Letter of Inquiry Due
February 15, 2019

Full Proposal Due
March 15, 2019

Awards Announced
June 30, 2019

Grant Location
Oakland/San Francisco and Milwaukee

Letter of Inquiry Due
August 15, 2019

Full Proposal Due
September 15, 2019

Awards Announced
January 30, 2020

Grant Location
Chicago and St. Louis

Letter of Inquiry Due
February 15, 2020

Full Proposal Due
March 15, 2020

Awards Announced
June 30, 2020