We Raise Foundation is proud to partner with the following grantees to find solutions to the issues of poverty, violence, and inequality. We invest in programs and organizations that target the root causes of these issues – initiatives focusing on education, workforce development, and criminal justice.




Healthy Food Preparation Class

Sponsoring Organization: St. John Lutheran Church
City/State: Jacksonville/Florida
Grant Program: Joshua Grant
Grant Amount: $4,920

Clean Water Indonesia

Sponsoring Organization: Kingdom Workers
City/State: Milwaukee/Wisconsin
Grant Program: GrantsPlus
Grant Amount: $40,000

Talking to Kids About Race – Changing the Narrative

Sponsoring Organization: The Well United Methodist Church
City/State: Seattle/Washington
Grant Program: Emerging Leader
Grant Amount: $10,000

Mentorleaf: Online Mentorship Program

Sponsoring Organization: St. Paul Lutheran Church
City/State: Carlisle/Pennsylvania
Grant Program: Emerging Leader
Grant Amount: $10,000

Play N’ Say

Sponsoring Organization: Genacross Lutheran Services
City/State: Holland/Ohio
Grant Program: Emerging Leader
Grant Amount: $10,000

Equipped for Hope

Sponsoring Organization: Impact 29:11
City/State: Magnolia/Texas
Grant Program: Emerging Leader
Grant Amount: $10,000

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