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Photo of Tabitha West

SoulFisher Ministries Helps Formerly Incarcerated Women Rebuild their Lives

After her release from prison in 2011, Tabitha promised herself she would stay out for good. At 35 years old, she was determined to break the cycle that had defined her life since she was 17. This time, Tabitha kept in touch with Shawntelle Fisher, whom she met while incarcerated, and followed her story on Facebook for hope and inspiration.

Fisher’s story was similar to Tabitha’s, but her lightbulb moment during her seventh (and last) incarceration resulted in her pursuing her education, graduating from St. Louis’ Neighborhood Leadership Academy, and establishing a nonprofit in 2012 called The SoulFisher Ministries.

In 2019, We Raise Foundation awarded The SoulFisher Ministries a $100,000 GrantsPlus grant in support of their AGAPE Reentry Program, which provides workforce training and educational resources for women as they reenter society after incarceration. Support includes housing assistance, financial education, mental health resources, and employment coaching. The focus: making sure formerly incarcerated women can live above the poverty line while remaining free from criminal activity.

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