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Emerging Leader and Fellow Staff Literally Take Students By The Hand

Imagine the power of leading at-risk children “by the hand” every day after school, every year from kindergarten through college, loving and nurturing them mind, body, and soul.

That’s exactly what By The Hand Club For Kids (BTH) in Chicago does. Daniel Bell, the Social-Emotional Learning Specialist for BTH received an Emerging Leader Grant from We Raise Foundation in 2021 for his all-in dedication at the Christ-centered after-school program.

Bell and a staff of close to 150 people work across five club sites that serve more than 1,700 kids in the Altgeld Gardens, Austin, Cabrini-Green, and Englewood neighborhoods. Almost all the students referred to the program are struggling academically. They’re referred by their teachers and bussed to the after-school sites. There, they receive academic support, literacy intervention, healthy meals, vision and dental care, and spiritual discipleship. They can explore their talents and interests to prepare for college and career.

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