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Grantee Helps Ex-Offenders Build New Lives

As hard as prison was, life outside continued to get worse for Anthony. In fact, he was out of prison for three years when he hit rock bottom, a dramatic juxtaposition to the present, which he describes as “the best six months of his life.” At the bottom he found himself repeating the same patterns that landed him in prison. He was unable to manage his anger in a healthy way and was close to acting out in his frustration.

But Anthony experienced a vision of everything he hated about prison—he says God gave him a sign—and he knew what to do. Ask for help.

Help came to Anthony in the form of St. Leonard’s Ministries (Chicago, Ill.), where he enrolled in the residential program, which provides interim housing and support services. When he learned about the Advanced Construction Skills Training Program for Ex-Offenders at the Barlow Education and Employment Center at St. Leonard’s, he signed up immediately.

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