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Healing House a Dream Come True for Organizers, Community

Healing House, a medical respite care facility of Madison-Area Urban Ministry (MUM), in Madison, Wis., is a story of persistence, patience, and partnerships. Thanks to our generous donors, We Raise Foundation is part of the story in supporting the first recuperative shelter for families in the United States.

It’s a story of patience. MUM launched a Respite Care Task Force in 2012 to research gaps in their homeless services array. One of these gaps was how families experiencing homelessness manage when an adult caregiver or a child is too ill or frail to recover from illness or injury on the streets. The idea of Healing House came soon after, but it wasn’t until July 2019 that they opened their doors. “It was the realization of a dream come true,” says Linda Ketcham, MUM Executive Director.

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