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Behind the Wheel from the Beginning

The lack of reliable transportation hinders many people from achieving financial stability. But with your help, over 5,000 families have left poverty behind are on the road to financial freedom. 

In 1996, We Raise Foundation (then Wheat Ridge Ministries) invested $35,000 in Good News Garage (GNG). For 25 years, the organization has put New Englanders on a path to financial independence, one car donation at a time.

Founded in Burlington, Vt., GNG accepts donated vehicles, repairs them as necessary, then donates them to low-income families with proof of employment. For Sedenia Sanchez, the used car she received earlier this year was life changing. 

Prior to receiving her car, Sanchez—a single mother with four children—was spending two hours commuting just eight miles daily to work. And because her commute was so long, she could only take on part-time work.

Sanchez noted that having a car not only makes life easier, but has also expanded her employment opportunities. Now that her commute is only 30 minutes, she works more hours and still has time to pursue her education and long-term career goals. The car also means her children can participate in more after-school activities and opportunities since she can provide transportation.

“I am extremely appreciative and would like you to know you have changed our lives,” says Sanchez. “I can’t wait for the day I can pay it forward.”

Thanks to faithful donors 25 years ago and your generous support of We Raise today, we are able to invest in life-changing programs like Good News Garage and pave the road to success for neighbors in need. Thank you!

We work hand in hand with Christian non-profits to end poverty, violence and inequality in our communities. Take action today and raise up those in need.

Morgan Wilson