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Upcoming Webinar


Melissa Khamvongsa and Tara Pak

Wednesday, January 22, 2020
12:00 – 1:00 pm CST

Five Must-Haves for Your Funder Site Visit

Writing and submitting a grant proposal is only the beginning. Making an impression on a foundation program officer is often the last step to secure your funding. This webinar will provide five tangible steps to planning and preparing for a successful funder site visit. Relationships are key and participants will learn how to win over the funder in order to get the grant. Participants will also learn about donor research, preparing agency leadership, and how to stand out in a sea of applicants through real-life examples.

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Community Conversation

Revitalizing Economic Health in our Urban Communities

Economic development. Community preservation. Displacement.

Revitalizing economic health in our urban communities can seem daunting and impossible; exciting and full of opportunity all in the same breath. Our cities face unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to drivers of economic functions and sustainability. Join us for a discussion of how we got here and what the five pillars of economic development and revitalization say about how we move forward in ways that benefit all neighbors.

Emerging Leaders Convene in Chicago

We Raise doesn’t just support leaders where they are, we invest in where they’re going next. That’s why, each year, we bring together leaders from our grant programs to a three-day convening in Chicago. In September 2019, we welcomed 22 leaders from 20 organizations from around the country, all working to address major issues in their communities. The conference-style gathering is designed to celebrate their work, provide opportunities for them to be refreshed, develop valuable skills, and be encouraged by networking with other like-minded emerging leaders.

Supporters and Partners Connect at We Raise Foundation Launch Celebration

On March 2, 2018, We Raise Foundation supporters and grantees gathered in Oak Brook, Ill., to celebrate the launch of We Raise Foundation. The ballroom buzzed with excitement as over 250 We Raise friends met the inspired leaders working to raise people out of their suffering. In turn, hard-working program partners met the supporters who believe in them and the work that they do.

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