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Paul Miles

Finding and Securing Your Biggest Gift — EVER

The impact of receiving your organization’s largest gift in its history is transformational. It would allow your program to impact the lives of more people, change the way donors view your organization, and raise the expectations of top organizational leadership. It is tempting to create a fundraising plan each year that aims to raise an amount that’s similar to the year before. Instead, this webinar invites you to a vision that is greater than your provision. Whether your organization’s largest gift is $10,000 or $10 million, the process for finding and securing the biggest gift is the same.

Join Us for a Community Conversation on Economic Development

Interested in digging deeper and learning more about the complex issues at the intersection of poverty, violence, and inequality? Join We Raise Foundation as we regularly host topical, interactive conversations on these issues via Facebook Live. We’ll hear from practitioners, researchers, and experts in the field, who will share their personal and professional experiences creating solutions to these issues in their communities.

Our next Community Conversation will focus on the topic of economic development.

Date TBD

Together We Learn: Emerging Leaders Convene in Chicago

We Raise doesn’t just support leaders where they are, we invest in where they’re going next. That’s why, each year, we bring together leaders from our grant programs to a three-day convening in Chicago. Recently, we welcomed 24 leaders from 19 organizations from around the country, all working to address major issues in their communities. The conference-style gathering is designed to celebrate their work, provide opportunities for them to be refreshed, develop valuable skills, and be encouraged by networking with other like-minded emerging leaders.

Supporters and Partners Connect at We Raise Foundation Launch Celebration

On March 2, 2018, We Raise Foundation supporters and grantees gathered in Oak Brook, Ill., to celebrate the launch of We Raise Foundation. The ballroom buzzed with excitement as over 250 We Raise friends met the inspired leaders working to raise people out of their suffering. In turn, hard-working program partners met the supporters who believe in them and the work that they do.

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