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In addition to program funds, We Raise provides support to our program partners through opportunities and resources that build sustainability and increase impact.

Capacity building is an investment in the effectiveness and future sustainability of an organization. We Raise Foundation encourages Emerging Leader and GrantsPlus recipients to take advantage of We Raise team experts, as well as professional growth opportunities to strengthen the program, the organization as a whole, and individual leadership skills.

Through extensive conversation with our grantees and program partners, it has been overwhelmingly shared that the greatest need to ensure sustainability is fundraising and capacity building.

In response to this need, our strategic approach to being in partnership with our grantees includes educational support for resource development.

For GrantsPlus Grantees

In addition to the financial award, We Raise Foundation staff will also:

  • Provide a resource development assessment that includes an analysis of the grantee’s current fundraising plan, identification of opportunities for additional revenue streams, as well as an evaluation of operational efficiency
  • Host and guide the nonprofit through the creation of an incentivized crowdfunding campaign, eligible for up to $20,000 in additional funding
  • Provide a foundation search service to connect the organization to other like-minded grant makers
  • Via a third party partner, we’ll provide the grantee organization with a wealth screening for up to 10,000 donor names

GrantsPlus grantees are also encouraged to participate in professional or organizational development activities. For GrantsPlus grantees, up to $2,500 of capacity building funds are available each year of the grant term for use on qualifying activities.


Qualifying activities could include:

  • Professional development conferences or webinars
  • Join an association or community of practice (Association of Fundraising Professionals, Christian Community Development Association, etc.)
  • Invest in new technology (database, organizational video)
  • Or suggest an alternate activity to the Programs Team

For Emerging Leader Grantees

Of the $15,000 Emerging Leader grant, $5,000 goes exclusively toward leadership development opportunities for the Emerging Leader. These could include We Raise approved opportunities such as:

Note: We Raise will not cover costs associated with a degree program or tuition reimbursement.


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