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50 Ways to Love Your Donors


Hop on the donor love bus, Gus! Make a new direct response plan, Stan! Donor love is more than just an idea. It’s a way of approaching all your fundraising work. In this practical and fun webinar, presenter John Lepp from Agents of Good will share more than 50 tips on how to infuse your direct response appeals with donor love. Pulling in experiences and testing from fundraising experts all over the world, this webinar will cover some basic, easy-to-adapt tips, some complex ideas, and some concrete examples … all of which we hope you’ll steal and implement as soon as you’re back at your desk!

What you will learn:

  • Learn more about what donor love is and why it’s important.
  • Practical, simple steps you can implement immediately, as well as more detailed, long-term ideas to fill your fundraising appeals with more donor love.
  • Examples you can use for successful donor-loving direct response appeals.


John Lepp is a marketer, designer, and ranter with decades of experience in design and direct response. He is a partner at Agents of Good, a fundraising and communications collaboration that is solely focused on #donorlove. Agents of Good obsesses over the 1,000 small things you need to do in your direct response program to show donors how important they are to you.

Lepp has spoken to audiences in Holland, Norway, the United Kingdom, Ireland, all over the United States and Canada, and loves sharing the amazing things that donors do and examples of #donorlove.


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