Wheat Ridge - We Raise Foundation

Welcome To We Raise Foundation… Formerly Wheat Ridge Ministries!


Academic achievement
leads to lifelong success.

We believe equity in a quality educational experience provides the greatest opportunity to achieve stability and success. We seek to support Christian schools, before and after school care, and tutoring programs for children in kindergarten through eighth grade who come from low-income households.


Focusing on people brings
stability to our communities.

We believe a robust, qualified workforce is central to building healthy individuals, families, and communities. We seek to support programs serving low-income women and men who desire the education, skills, and training required to acquire living wage employment to support themselves and their families.


Supporting programs that
offer a brighter future.

We believe effective justice requires consequences for those who break the law, but often this results in a lifelong impact, ensuring the same behaviors. We support programs that interrupt this cycle and give hope for a brighter future.

Each and every day, news headlines make it clear that the needs before us are urgent. It’s time for us to step up our efforts. There is a tremendous amount of work ahead of us. Thank you for continuing to be a valued member of the Wheat Ridge — now, the We Raise — family.

We Raise Foundation Mission Statement:

Called by Christ to serve others, We Raise Foundation partners with Christian organizations to support and develop sustainable programs that help people thrive.