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Urban Ministries Work Sparks A Passion For Michigan Couple

Mike Zeddies and his wife, Lynn, both teach at St. Lorenz Lutheran School in the picturesque resort community of Frankenmuth, Michigan. Yet once a week, they get out of their comfort zone and head to the impoverished city of Flint, Michigan, where they bring the gospel to families living in depressed neighborhoods, a stark contrast to where they live.

“We meet with neighborhood children for an hour in a room at a former Lutheran church that has been repurposed by the Michigan District of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod,” Lynn says. “This is a new mission sponsored by eight area churches who are really trying to build relationships of trust in the community. We have games, crafts, snacks and Bible study for the children before we serve the family meal. We’re there to let them know that Jesus loves them.”

The Zeddies’ passion for urban Lutheran ministries and education carries over in their support of Wheat Ridge Ministries.

“Mike and I both grew up near urban areas. We’ve seen schools that have deteriorated. It’s hard on children who are struggling to get a good education,” says Lynn.

So they got very excited when Wheat Ridge became involved in helping urban Lutheran schools to become more self sufficient and thrive again. “There are so many Lutheran schools that struggle in urban situations and are closing,” adds Mike. “Wheat Ridge supports ministries that are sustainable. As donors, we feel that we are really investing in Wheat Ridge because they are looking at urban education models that are tested and have been successful in other places.”

The couple supports Wheat Ridge through a regular monthly gift. As ones who give on a monthly basis, they are members of Wheat Ridge’s Sower Society. “Contributing monthly to Wheat Ridge is an easy way to support a wide variety of health and healing ministries which Wheat Ridge sponsors,” Lynn says.

The couple’s affinity for Wheat Ridge dates back to when they were both growing up. Each was familiar with the Wheat Ridge Christmas Seals. An especially meaningful ministry they were involved in was a Grace Place marriage workshop for those serving the church that Wheat Ridge supported through a grant back in 2010. “Grace Place brought a team in to our church and we had a weekend where our faculty and pastors and their spouses were able to get together and talk about our relationships,” explains Lynn. “As teachers, we’re also ministers in our school, and sometimes ministering to others can be draining. We need to make sure we’re being fed spiritually so that we can go out and minister to others. We love the fact that Wheat Ridge supports health and healing ministries that reach globally to both young and old, in all walks of life.”

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