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What Inspires You?



Wheat Ridge grantee, Farming Hope

Years ago, I worked closely with a leader of a worldwide organization that liked to use the southern phrase, “What melts your butter?” Or, in other words: “What inspires you?”

Today I ask, “what inspires you?” Perhaps it is an act of extraordinary generosity. Or unsolicited acts of service. Or anonymous gifts to those in need. Or excellence. Or innovation. Or creativity.

Most, if not all, of these elements exist within the individuals featured in this edition of the Wheat Ridge eNews. Jamie Stark and Justin Beene represent a community of leaders that are grounded in the attributes that inspire and energize us at Wheat Ridge:

  1. They are motivated by their faith and the calling to serve others.
  2. They recognized an issue in their community and created an innovative solution to address it.
  3. They worry less about who gets the credit and more about results.

We are proud to hold these two partners up as examples of what you are supporting when you give to Wheat Ridge. They represent the best of what we can do together. On behalf of Jamie and Justin, and the many others you have invested in through your gifts to Wheat Ridge, thank you for believing in us. We couldn’t do this work without you.

With gratitude,

Paul C. Miles
President and CEO
Wheat Ridge Ministries

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