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Crowdfunding 101: How to Plan a Successful Campaign


Crowdfunding is a significant movement in fundraising – donation and reward-based projects alone brought in $5.5 billion dollars in 2015, and it’s only gone up from there. To some, crowdfunding feels like an intimidating, unpredictable process and to others, it feels like mundane fundraising as usual. If your organization is considering a crowdfunding campaign, we will show you how these feelings don’t have to be true.

When built strategically, crowdfunding campaigns not only raise funds, but also grow your donor network, and generate momentum around the organization’s mission. The process of building a campaign isn’t rocket science, but there are some important strategies that every leader should know before they start. Join us for this webinar and we’ll walk you through what crowdfunding is (and isn’t!), how to build a campaign that generates excitement and funds, and, how to have fun doing it!

What you will learn in this webinar

  • What makes crowdfunding different than regular fundraising
  • The key pieces necessary for a successful campaign
  • How to take the guesswork out of reaching your goal
  • How to choose a platform that fits your campaign
  • What peer-to-peer crowdfunding is and how to make it work for your organization


Abigail Miller serves as the Manager of Crowdfunding and Social Media at We Raise Foundation, Itasca, Ill. In this role, she provides hands-on coaching to We Raise grant recipients as they leverage crowdfunding to further their impact. With goals ranging from $750 to over $75,000, Abigail has assisted leaders from a variety of contexts as they strategically connect with donors and share their story. Additionally, she facilitates execution of We Raise Foundation’s digital strategy efforts designed to inspire, inform, and engage We Raise friends and donors.




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