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Welcome to We Raise Foundation!


January 2018

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to welcome you to We Raise Foundation (formerly Wheat Ridge Ministries) and the new iteration of our work where we are investing in Christian organizations and emerging leaders serving at the intersection of poverty, violence, and inequality. I invite you to explore our website, weraise.org, to learn more about our mission focus, unique value proposition, people, and history. But today, I want you to know why we made this change.

At a time in which our country enjoys unprecedented wealth and opportunity, more people live in poverty than at any time since the Great Depression. You may be asking the same question we asked – “what can I do about a problem that large?”

The first step is to declare these circumstances to be unacceptable. Then commit to being part of the solution. That’s where We Raise Foundation can help. We’ve designed a process to bring maximum impact to our grantees – a process only We Raise offers from the grant-making community. This involves building the capacity of our grant partners to be more effective at raising the critical resources needed to operate their programs and investing in the next wave of nonprofit leaders. When you make a gift to We Raise Foundation, your investment says:

• All of God’s children deserve to live free of poverty, violence, and inequality;

• The future can be better;

• I care.

We can do this, and you can play a significant part in making it happen. Thank you for your generosity, your commitment to healthy communities, and your partnership with We Raise Foundation.

With gratitude,

Paul C. Miles

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