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How Will You Want To Be Remembered?



My warmest Advent greetings to you and your family on behalf of all of us at Wheat Ridge. I hope your season is full of family and friends, worship and service, and reflection on the gift given to us that special night so long ago.

I’m writing this as I head west for a week of meetings with generous donors and grantees. As is often the case, the figurative “30,000-foot perspective” sets in when you reach the literal 30,000 feet. I’ll ask you the question tugging at me up here as we pass over the Rockies: How will you want to be remembered?

Wheat Ridge Ministries Emerging Leader Grantee – Steinbruck Center Summer Camp

For all the books that help us discover purpose, or teach us to appreciate the journey, or help us become the best version of ourselves – they confirm what is already deep within: our legacy must be about how we made things better for someone else. It’s what God has called us to do. Can you answer these questions in the affirmative?

Is someone’s life better because you were a part of it?
Did you make a positive difference in the life of a child?
Were you a good steward of the gifts given to you? Did you multiply them?

If you are a partner with Wheat Ridge – as a donor, a grantee, a current or past board member, a volunteer, etc. – then you will be remembered for your service to others. That is what we do here, together. I am so profoundly grateful to you and those generous people who came before us. Their legacy – and yours – is played out daily in the success of a young child, the health of a senior, the engagement of a congregation. Thank you for helping to make that happen.

With gratitude,

Paul C. Miles

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